Helping others learn about and avoid the online scams of today

It's my mission to make the online ecosystem a safer place.

My name is Michelle Ward, and I am an information security professional and business owner. When I first began teaching cyber security concepts to non technical people, I realized that you have to show rather than tell.

This resource exists to do just that.

If you're getting phished by a cyber criminal, you may end up on an innocent-enough looking website. But the moment you input your information, it's out of your hands and in the hands of someone who will do harm with it.

Identity theft, lost photos and videos, infected computers...

These are consequences of not recognizing the kinds of online scams that exist today.

There are some definite tells to identifying if a message (email, social post, text) is the starting point of a scam. However, if you don't know them or simply missed them, you may still end up at a scam site disguised as a legitimate one.

Hence, the need to check the web address (URL) of where you are EVERY TIME YOU VISIT A WEBSITE.

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